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Disrupting Poverty through Social Enterprise

Lonsdale Social Innovation Capital is the social enterprise investment arm of Lonsdale Capital, a single family office based in Singapore. We fund social enterprises to bring them to the next level, scale and grow into new markets. We provide administrative and technical support, and mentoring for social entrepreneurs and their enterprises so they can achieve the most they can in the shortest amount of time, accelerating their impact on the lowest income families around the world.


Social Enterprise Creates an Effective Social Economy

Lonsdale Social Innovation Capital is driven by a single vision: that poverty can be solved sustainably through Social Enterprise. Traditional philanthropy through donations only goes so far and in most cases reaches what we call an Impact Ceiling - where no matter how much more money you throw at the problem, it cannot be solved in the long term. This is primarily because the donation model is not sustainable, often spiraling families or communities back into extreme poverty when there are funding shortages due to global economic slowdowns or shifts in priorities. 


There is a gap between this impact ceiling and a sustainable middle class which has yet to be charted and solved. Donations will never achieve this long term goal, only individuals themselves can lift their families out of poverty but need the opportunities to do so. We seek out social enterprises which are helping bridge this gap. Businesses which are providing solutions which solve poverty in a sustainable manner and offer opportunities to families themselves to solve generation-long issues created by nothing more than simply circumstance. 

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